Our story

We had no experience with blockchain before 2021, completely oblivious to the crypto movement unfolding around us. Not because we weren’t interested, but because we didn’t know anything about it. Our attention was directed elsewhere. Mainly towards traditional finance.

Then the pandemic struck. Lockdowns and long periods of isolation caused boredom, making us desperate for a project. An opportunity arose to attend a lecture about blockchain at work. Our work revolves around cyber security and privacy, and blockchain is getting increased attention within the field. A few weeks later, another lecture. Our interest was piqued.

Next step was self-education. It gradually dawned upon us that the most popular chains had some major issues. Long transaction times and low transaction throughput were some. Common sense dictated someone had to be working on a solution. We started combing through different blockchain projects.

It didn’t take long before we found Solana, and got hooked within a matter of days. Our journey began with setting up a devnet validator, and getting involved in the Solana Tech Discord. After a few weeks of familiarizing ourselves with the software we ordered hardware for a testnet validator. Then we signed up for Tour de SOL. During this time we also produced a few tutorials and a validator FAQ. After validating diligently on testnet for half a year, we launched our mainnet node.

We are not in doubt that Solana will continue to be a big actor in blockchain. They are already significant innovators. The developers are hard working, and the community is prospering. Being involved with the community has only strengthened our view: Solana is here to stay. Come join us!