Nordstar is a high performing validator on the Solana blockchain. Ever since we launched in 2021, we have strived to maintain the highest level of operational reliability and security.


Our vote account key

Stake with us

We would love for you to stake with us! Read more about our ethos below. Depending on how you choose to stake with us, you may need our vote account key (look above). There are multiple services you can stake SOL through. We think these are the most user friendly:

Log in to your wallet and click staking, followed by stake now. Insert amount, search for nordstar and click stake!


We promise to

always act in a professional, honest and ethical manner, in the interest of the Solana blockchain and its stake holders.

always strive to perform for our stakers, for example by minimizing downtime and optimizing the configuration of our validator.

stake funds on our own validator, ensuring to our stakers that we have skin in the game.

always maintain the security of our validator in accordance with industry best practices (see our security statement).

never engage in shady commission practices, like increasing commission right before an epoch boundary.

never act in a way that could be detrimental to the network, like manipulating the Solana software or the votes our validator casts.

Contact us

Please contact us for any questions, feedback or business inquiries! Individuals and institutions are all welcome.


@agjell (display name andrebo) in the Solana Tech Discord


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